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We make dreams come true for both individuals & organizations

The Goldencity Group – founded in the year 2008 in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, have evolved in her very short time of existing, into an effectively proficient company. Not only are we interested in the economic benefits of expansion, we are also committed to increasing the engineering, infrastructure, logistics and architectural potentials of many a country.

With our daily growth in new innovations and creativity, we are involved in entertainment. We make use of the creativity and passion of many individuals from Nigeria and abroad to the betterment of the society and the various nations of the world.
With great courage, integrity and love—we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities, and our planet can flourish. All the while, celebrating the sheer love and joy of innovation, creativity and beauty in the construction environment.

With the efficiency of delivery as a watchword, and to the inspiration of the client’s imaginations, and the achievement of these goals, we look to not only create an innovative atmosphere, but create a reconstructive serene and appreciable environment.

As we are interrelated with other companies both national and multinational, we have edged ourselves closer to the latest networking platforms, while we are also working towards the improvement upon our already enviable delivery capabilities.

With arms opened wide, we invite you to our world, we love to connect with you and we are certain that hand in hand we can create a better tomorrow for our future generation. Share your ideas, dreams and visions with us and let us together “… inspire your world…


Engineering Services

GoldenCity Infrastructure Development Company is exerting herself to be a topnotch establishment…


Logistics Services

GoldenCity Logistics & Transportation Company was established in 2017, as demands for support and partnership…


Entertainment Services

GoldenCity Entertainment ensures that creativity and skills are harnessed and supported to acclaim status…


The Enterprise

GoldenCity is a group of businesses and getting ahead in every sphere. Cosider having an investment with us…